The single most important piece of safety equipment is your face mask (goggles). Paintballs travel up to 200 miles an hour. This makes for impacts which feel like a hard thump. The close shots may leave a welt on your body and they will permanently remove an unprotected eye! Thus the #1 rule is…anytime you are on or near the playing field you must have your face mask on. In the event the goggles become loose, hold them on with your hand and see a ref for an adjustment…or leave the field. At all times your face must be protected, whether in a game or out, if you are on the field. Just because you are eliminated from the game it does not mean you can remove your goggles. They must remain on until you are in a safe area, where gun safetys are on and barrel blockers are on.

Another important piece of equipment is your barrel cover. This safety device will supplement the marker’s (gun) safety switch. At any time that you are not in a game (playing), the safety switch and barrel blocker must be on

When you are eliminated from a game you should raise your gun above your head and yell “i’m out”, which signals the other players that you are out and not to continue shooting at you. However your face mask stays on while leaving the field until you are in a safe area. You leave the field with your gun safety on and barrel blocker on.

Two simple rules to protect yourself and those around you:
Goggles on when on the field
Gun safety and barrel blocker on when off the field

Some other sports where helmets/face masks are the most important piece of equipment to protect the participant:
Football…Hockey…Motorcycling…Baseball…Polo…and many others

Marker Handling Safety

1. Treat every marker as if it were loaded.
2. Number look down the barrel of a paintball marker.
3. Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
4. Never point the marker at anything you don't wish to shoot.
5. Keep the marker on "safe" until ready to shoot.
6. Keep the barrel blocking device in/on the markers muzzle when not shooting.